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Jul. 16th, 2017 04:36 pm
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I have several entries that’s like 90% finished and I may or may not post sooner or later. But that’s for later. This is my current reading (English titles for natural reasons):

L by Erlend Loe. A man - named Erlend Loe - decides to organize an expedition to Polynesia to prove his theory that South American Indians went ice skating to Polynesia. Norwegian Erlend Loe write that kind of bizarre, humorous stories. Sure the “experts” with their “evidence” thinks the Polynesians came from Asia by boats. But Erlend was quite sure the Polynesians came from Southeast America on skates. Why should the experts facts be worth more than Erlend Loe's facts?

The man without qualities by Robert Musil. That’s a book for genius and that’s why I might not finish it, two thick vol. of genius writing is a little much. And it was reference to one of Musil’s description of Austria Hungary. He wrote it was a country for genius and it’s likely the reason it fell. I have read the book before, and I liked the book but maybe not as much as I pretended to like it.

Humm. In 1913 when The man without qualities takes place genius and experts were worshipped. In 1997 when L was written it was a joke that ordinary losers could come up with his/her own crazy, scientific theory, and dismiss the experts. Now twenty years later self proclaimed experts get their place in the limelight by coming up with their own theories. Vaccine cause autism and enemas cure autism (enemas also cure cancer). Climate change is a myth. Modern plant breeding is always dangerous. Sodium carbonate cures cancer (and possible autism ). And the eath is flat ... Of course I myself think I’m a genius and an expert for writing this and I deserve fame for writing this.

I also have Douglas Coupland's Polaroid from the dead by my bed. But that book doesn't fit my "theory".

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