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Took the day off of work to relax and get some sleep. Didn't sleep well last night. I had nightmares about the accident and my car.

I drove my son to school this morning in the blue Mustang. It was raining. Everytime the rear end of the car would slip, my heart would stop. I lost a lot of confidence behind the wheel. And that's not good when driving a high-powered vehicle. In the rain no less.

I went to the doctor just to get checked out for sure. Mostly just tension soreness and muscle cramping. They gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant. They thought it would help me sleep too. Only problem is I'm afraid of pills and I didn't pick up any. We'll see how tonight goes, first.

I put up pics of what's left of my car. The link is in the comments of my last entry.

I plan to take tomorrow off work as well, and my sister and mom are coming out to visit me. They are so good to me. They worry so much. I'm so sorry this happened. I talked to my dad a bit and he's just glad I'm unscathed. I thought he'd yell at me for wrecking yet another brand new car (I got in an accident with my new Escort about 9 years ago, but not nearly this bad - I still have the car).

Cassie, I'm almost done with the beta. I work on it in spurts between naps. Plus, then I catch my own errors reading it over. LOL

I think I'm drain bramaged from the accident. hehe

Ok, well, I'm gonna try to get some sleep.
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Just thought of a music video idea for another DSR video AND one of CSM/Scully. Muahahahahaha

Man, I have to get vidding.

Oh, and I got Lazy Ass out to rollerblade, after all. It was fun!
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I CAN'T FIND MY FRIGGIN' CAR KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I once had two sets of keys for the blue mustang....lost one set, now the other!!!!!!!! I just drove it last night!!!!! DAMMIT!!!

I suppose I have to drive the red mustang, but it's not ready to be driven AND my license is in my purse in the BLUE mustang!!!!

LORD WHY????????????????????????????????????????????/
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Never made it to the zoo. We'll go tomorrow.

Got some McDonalds (bleh) and watched the movie "Crossfire Trail". Pretty good movie. Tom Selleck was the star. It's a western from 2001. David O'Hara was in it. He's cool and funny. He played the crazy Scottish/Irishman in "Braveheart". Tom Selleck's character rode a beautiful blue roan horse in the movie. I love blue roans. They look purple. Very cool and somewhat rare. Beautiful horses. Lots of familiar faces in the film. I recommend it if you like westerns.

Now we're all bored to death. What will we do with ourselves??? Ray wants to play Sorry or Stratego. I just don't feel like it. We took video of my cat, Superfuzzy. Maybe I'll share it. It's pretty funny. She's the funnest cat ever. She always manages to be cute. She's also spoiled rotten.

I should start a new video........or take a nap......or something. Blah.
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Apr. 2nd, 2005 02:25 pm
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Just got home a bit ago. I worked some overtime. Then on the way home I stopped at Best Buy to buy The Lone Gunmen. Then I took my son to his middle school orientation. He's going to sign up for orchestra and choir. He wants to play the cello in orchestra (a couple of his friends are too) and he'll take piano after school.

I just amused myself for a bit by reading random journals using the 'random' option under 'search'. Haha. Some are quite funny. Some are kind of scary. I like to click on their info and see how many interests match up with mine. Interesting.

TGTF - Thank God Tomorrow's Friday. I will try to go in extra early and get out a little early. Maybe work in a little bit more overtime. Need spending money when I go out to San Diego in a month or so. Yay!!! I'm so excited!!! I love to travel to new places. I love to stay in posh hotels. I love to rent posh cars to drive around a new city. I finally get to see an ocean!!!! My son is going with. We are accompanying my parents who will be visiting relatives in El Cajon, CA (suburb of San Diego).

I want to try to get to the zoo this weekend. Minnesota Zoo has an IMAX and we want to see Aliens of the Deep and probably 'Robots' too. I'm a kid at heart. :) I wouldn't mind checking out the tigers, though. I love the big kitties!!!! Rowr.

I'm getting very hungry!! Gotta eat and sleep!!

Everyone watch my video! That's an order!! :-P
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Today is Wednesday. Hump Day. Lame Day.

Got up early today. Got to work on time. My coworker was not there! Yay!!! I ran the show by myself, without a hitch. It's funny how when I'm by myself I can deal with anything thrown my way, but he can't handle a few hours in the morning without my help and without an attitude. I hope the supervisor of manufacturing points that out at their meeting next Tues. Rub it in.

Had my violin lesson. Wasn't too proud of that one. I have so much to learn. I can't keep from squeaking and squawking. I'm so lame.

Finally time to sit and relax. Tom is at Jiu-Jitsu. I had Mexican pizza. Yum! I got two new Netflix discs. I received "Crossfire Trail" (movie), and "One Tree Hill" (TV). I still have to finish disc one of "Without A Trace" so I can send it back. I like it so far! Thanks, Cassie. I have to get a movie soon that Tom will like. He's getting kind of mad that I'm getting all these TV shows that only I watch. Mostly, I think too bad for him, he's not paying for the account. But on the other hand, I want to be nice and get something he'll like. So, "Hellboy" is next on my list. Don't get me wrong, I love guy movies, too. Even war movies. (Especially sub movies, for some reason?)

Cut )

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Almost done with the DSR video!!!! Only a couple more days, I'd guess. I can't wait to put it up on my site to share. :)

Happy Easter, everyone. Back to the grind tomorrow. Ugh......
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I've been working all day on my new X-Files vid. Man, that software is the greatest!!

Anyway, I'm doing a DSR one and need input on all the great scenes to use! I have just about every episode ripped from Season Eight. I haven't got Season Nine ripped yet. But I would like info on both seasons with good scenes to use. Even the slightest glances and such. I've go so much video to sort through I'm afraid I'll miss a good one. Thanks a bunch in advance.

(I won't reveal the song quite yet.)
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My screenshot )

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Got this from[ profile] teso

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12 months )

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Watched disc 2 of Season One "24". OMG what happens next!? What happens next???!!!! I don't have the next disc. Guess I'll have to wait. AAAAAGGGGHHH. :(

I can't believe Jamey is the bad guy (girl). Awww, and I liked her. :(

What happens next?????????????


Mar. 12th, 2005 05:56 pm
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Phile Dork
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Yay! I got a picture with Doggett!!!!
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Is this LiveJournal thing ever online?????

It seems that everyday after I'm off work, it is in 'read-only' mode. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya. Grrrrrrrrrrr


Feb. 26th, 2005 09:47 pm
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Ok, I watched "24" - Season One Disc One just a moment ago...


Here are my thoughts )

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Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

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Shamelessly stolen from Cassie's journal entry! Thanks Cassie.
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