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Courtesy of [ profile] foxytime and [ profile] teso, there is a great event for Doggett/Scully and Follmer/Reyes fans...

DSR/FRR Awareness Month begins today!
Hey all!

Make sure to jump on over to The Love Shack Forum to take part in this month's DSR/FRR Awareness Month. All discussions outlined in the The Love Shack will take place in the Awareness Month folder at TLSF.

Make sure to check out The Love Shack, The Love Shack Forum, and You Know I'm On Your Side for the latest information on Awareness Month :)

All through this month there will be collage and fanfic challenges, and DSR/FRR focused episode discussions (you can check the schedule to see what episodes will be talked about at The Love Shack Forum).

Guests can post inside the Awareness Month folder only, if you decide not to register and just post as a guest, make sure when you reply to a post that you use the "quote" button rather than the "add reply" button, that's how the forum is set up to allow guests to reply to posts. As a guest you can also start a new topic.

Everyone is welcome to join in on discussions and challenges whether or not you like or support Doggett/Scully or Follmer/Reyes, the point of Awareness Month is to try to open the eyes of non-fans to DSR and FRR, to open minds to more possibilities other than what is considered more mainstream within the X-Files fandom in terms of XF relationship pairings.

I hope to see you all there! I'll be checking my email after I get off work today to see if any new registrations have been made at The Love Shack Forum - I have it set up where an admin has to validate new registrations before you can post (if you all know the history with OBSESSED, you know why).

Happy DSR/FRR Awareness Day!

Sue says: Come participate and spread the word!
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