Jul. 12th, 2005 10:40 pm
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I keep thinking of things to write and never write them.

The day I hooked up my Firewire/USB PCI card, it didn't work. I tried a bunch of drivers and stuff and... nothing. So I was fed up and went to Best Buy to pick one up. THAT one needed a power connection, so I had to buy a splitter, too.
But while I was there I picked up Without A Trace Season One!!! Coolness. I began watching where I left off from the rentals, and Tom joined in on an episode. He likes it a lot. Now he wants to start over from the beginning. :D Yay!
I have to say I love all the characters. I love Jack and Sam the best. Vivian is awesome. And out of the two pretty boys, Danny is growing on me. :D

I have an orientation and tour of the University of Minnesota campus on Friday. I'm excited! More brain powah!!! Muahahahaha

I watched "Supersize Me" on DVD this weekend. What a great film! It was very interesting and entertaining. And the DVD has a ton of great extras. Everyone should watch it. It should be required viewing in schools. Seriously.

I'm getting better at the violin. I can play eighth notes now. I can sight-read pretty good. I tried a little third position, even though I'm not technically up to that point in my instruction books. I even can belt out a few tunes from Ray's cello. I still have a slow time reading a bass clef, though. I have to buy some music stands and instrument stands. Desperately they are needed.

oh GLEE!!!!!!!! DVD concert of Dido is available and on AUGUST 9th - DVD RELEASE OF CHRIS ISAAK AND RAUL MALO!!!!!!!!! Sweeeeeeeeet!
Raul Malo was in The Mavericks and did many a backup for Trisha Yearwood. I LOVE his voice. I am sooooo getting this.

Putting the finishing touches on FRR video.

Um.... I'm tired? Yep. I'm offically tired. 'Night!

Date: 2005-07-13 01:37 pm (UTC)
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It took a while to get comfortable with third position, but just this summer I surprised myself by going to 3rd comfortably when the music called for it. It's something that I struggle with (though less so than 2nd or 4th) but YAY! It's finally coming together! (side effect of playing too much Irish music - most of *that* can be done all in 1st)

Date: 2005-07-13 07:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] foxytime.livejournal.com
*SQUEE* You bought WaT season 1! I knew you'd love that show :) I watched a couple of the epiosodes a few days ago (Fallout, Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been, Kam Li, Victory For Humanity, and some others on the last two discs of the set).

Danny and Vivian are my favorite characters on the show :) Especially Danny :) Have you gotten around to watching "Clare De Lune"?

*anticipates FRR video*


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