Mar. 31st, 2005

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Just got home a bit ago. I worked some overtime. Then on the way home I stopped at Best Buy to buy The Lone Gunmen. Then I took my son to his middle school orientation. He's going to sign up for orchestra and choir. He wants to play the cello in orchestra (a couple of his friends are too) and he'll take piano after school.

I just amused myself for a bit by reading random journals using the 'random' option under 'search'. Haha. Some are quite funny. Some are kind of scary. I like to click on their info and see how many interests match up with mine. Interesting.

TGTF - Thank God Tomorrow's Friday. I will try to go in extra early and get out a little early. Maybe work in a little bit more overtime. Need spending money when I go out to San Diego in a month or so. Yay!!! I'm so excited!!! I love to travel to new places. I love to stay in posh hotels. I love to rent posh cars to drive around a new city. I finally get to see an ocean!!!! My son is going with. We are accompanying my parents who will be visiting relatives in El Cajon, CA (suburb of San Diego).

I want to try to get to the zoo this weekend. Minnesota Zoo has an IMAX and we want to see Aliens of the Deep and probably 'Robots' too. I'm a kid at heart. :) I wouldn't mind checking out the tigers, though. I love the big kitties!!!! Rowr.

I'm getting very hungry!! Gotta eat and sleep!!

Everyone watch my video! That's an order!! :-P

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